Thursday, 12 April 2012

How to make your own studded heels

I find this so inspiring! 

Have you tried to stud some of your clothes or shoes? I guess I´ll have to try it sooner or later. Actually I did it with a top like 12-14 years ago, so I guess it´s about time I give it another try. First of all I think I´ll try it with a pair of black Converse shoes, a jeans shorts, or perhaps a leather jacket? 
So many choices. 



  1. Spikes make a woman's legs look awesome. The calves are defined, the thighs firm, and spikes even lessen the look of the cankle that so many women rail on and on about. I mean I bet even Hillary's legs would look hot if she wore a knee length skirt and some 4 inch pump. Christian Louboutin spikes pumps