Monday, 12 December 2011

Crazy about the birdies

I´ve always had a thing for birds, and lately I have been reading numerous of interior blogs to get some inspiration, as we just got an apartment here in Oslo. I stumbled across, and found these great gift ideas for christmas. 

* Fridge magnets 99NOK
*Sparrow keyring 139NOK
* Love birds kitchen towel 99NOK 

The Love birds are dear to my heart from way back, because we used to have the wall sticker version of them when we lived in Trondheim, and when we moved sadly enough they didn´t... ;) 



  1. Ine Margrethe Eide12 December 2011 at 23:19

    Jeg vil ha denne når jeg blir rik:

    Hehe! SMIL

  2. Haha, den så akkurat passe gærn ut! Like it ;)

  3. haha. funny. kjøpte en sånn liten birdie(nøkkelholder) her om dagen til julekalenderen til jobbet. great minds think alike.

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