Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 in pictures

To finish off the blog year 2011 I´ll give you a summary. Actually I initially thought that I didn´t have enough outfit pictures, but as I browsed through my blog I found that this year I have done much better than last year.. or what do u guys think? :)

 I was in love with my American Vintage shirt.

 I attended the Harrys Gym gig in Leeds, had a great time! And I got to use my red dress with black lips.
 I realized that that false eyelashes can also become art.
 I embraced black lips, in which I still love.
 See through plastic and loads of bracelets was a big favorite. 


I celebrated St Patrick´s day with curly hair and green glitter lipstick.

 I went to London and did marketing research with  my Bachelor group, and the weather was amazing!

 I wore my first mustard colored dress.

 The white shirt was definitely one of my favorites, so was the golden lightening necklace I bought in London. 


 After months of hard work we finally handed in our Bachelor assignment. I´ve never been so proud, scared and tired at the same time!
 I was the birthday girl :)
 The pink and orange combo was a favorite this month.
 I got two new tattoos. On the picture I had a bandage on my arm... As I think of it I realize I haven´t shown them to you guys yet. 

 June, July, August, September & October.
 I moved back to Norway, worked all summer and when I didn´t, I spent time in the north of Norway. 

I moved to Oslo and stayed with my best friend Rubi, and we went to the Make Up Store 15th anniversary show. 
 My blog got a make over, and I made my first header :)
Hope u guys liked the change!

 Used loads of rings almost every day.
 As autumn/wither arrived I used a lot of black, as I always do.
 I partied with my friends, and fell in love with this biiig arm cuff :) 

This has sure been a crazy year in many ways, with loads of studies and work, but also sooo many great memories have been created with all the fantastic people I´ve had the chance to meet in Leeds. It has been a new experience to live in Oslo, both in my suitcase and in the new apartment. 

I hope for both me and for u guys that 2012 will be a magic year filled with joy, laughter and happiness.

Thank´s to all of my sweet readers for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate ever single one of you :) 

See you next year!


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