Thursday, 17 November 2011


Hi guys!
It´s been quite a while now since I have posted anything on The Life of Marlen. 
This summer my camera got stolen, my smarphone broke, and on top of that I didn´t have any access to the internet in periods of the summer due to my job. However, this also gave me the chance to think through how I want me blog to be, and changes that can make it more interesting for you guys. I hope that there are still someone out there that are interested to follow me in the future, I think we´ll have a blast! :)

I´ll start of by recommending a blog that I´ve fallen in love with reasonately.
Love aesthetics is really wort checking out if you are into the small details that makes an outfit amazing. This girl is beautifull, creative and innovative at the same time, but still she keeps it sort of classic. I love the way she dresses, her view on fashoion and the gorgeous pictures she shares with us. 


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