Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tapasnight with my girls

Hi guys!  

Normally I don't post photos of friends and parties, but I figured I could make an exception.
Last night a group og girls that I study with had a tapas party, where everyone made a dish each and brought it to the party.  And belive me, there was some good food going on! 

 I made toast with pesto (both green and red) and brie,
with some rocket salad and runny maple sirup.... Mmmmmmm :)

Well, and as you can see I bought a new pink bra eysterday too. 
Figured I'd give the neon a go.

( Thank's Madeleine for letting me borrow your pictures :) )



  1. The Tapasnight was great :D
    Your dish was my favourite ;)
    See you tonight darling <3
    Love that you used my pics hehe ;D
    Love M <3

  2. ine Margrethe Eide27 March 2011 at 13:52

    Nåh, koselig :) Love it .. Fin gjeng altså <3

  3. Jaaaaa, verdens fineste gjeng <3