Monday, 14 March 2011

My idea of the perfect Sunday

Hi guys!

We've had family visiting this weekend, and today have been just another perfect Sunday afternoon in Leeds. The sun have delighted us with her company, and with all those beautiful crocuses blooming you can really feel that spring is arriving. 
 We visited Leeds Tropical World and it was sooo much fun! We got the chance to see meercats, butterflies, lizards, snakes, beautiful flowers and a lot more. Me and my boyfriends niese fell absolutely head over heels in love with the meercats, and the babies was the cutest creatures I've ever seen!
After our visit in Tropical World we headed out and strolled around in Roundhay Park, which is so amazingly beautyful. Children running around playing, families on their Sunday walks, and squirrels running around in the treetops and in the grass to my big amusement. I have a thing for squirrels,  just think they are so unbeleavably cute. Wonder if it's possible to have a pet squirrel? I guess not... haha :)
 As you can see I said helo to a couple of dogs as well. 
I sure am crazy about animals and flowers,
  so this was the most perfect Sunday afternoon I think I have had in years!


 Oversized black dress ::: H&M
Leather jacket and Scarf ::: Cubus 
Knitted sweater and shoes ::: Primark
Sunglasses ::: Borrowed from my boyfriend

Tomorrow is yet another week,
let's hope it will be a fab one!



  1. these are beautiful photos, looks like a lovely day! :)

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  2. Phantastic Sunday and phantastic outfit