Wednesday, 9 February 2011

There is no excuse

Hi guys!

You probably think that I have gone underground, but as it turns out I haven't. 

I am now back in Leeds and I absolutely LOVE it! Didn't realize how much I actually missed the city and all the sweet people I'm studying with until I got back here. One of my modules this semester is Art Marketing, and it is just so inspiring!! :) 

The last week I've practically lived at Esporta Health Club Leeds, and it just feel great to be serious about my work out again. Hopefully I can say hello to the summer body 2011 and be proud of it, because at this point it is not much to show off I'm afraid. And I referred 4 new members to Esporta this week and that means a brand new iPod Nano for me, weeeeeeee :D LUCKY GIRL! 
As if that weren't enough, the company my group is writing the Bachelor assignment to has provided all of us with new training gear :) 

....... and finally I've got an internet connection at home now, it's been hell without!
So hopefully I'll post more regularly in the future.

Wish all of u a wonderful day!

Love M

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