Sunday, 20 February 2011

Outfit 18.02.11

Friday night I was out with my girls celebrating the birthdays of Madeleine and Maria. 
We had dinner at the Cosmopolitan first and then we hit Call Lane. This is what I was wearing, and finally I took the time to get a few pictures snapped of me before I ran out... late as usual ;) 

Both the dress and the shoes are from H&M. 
My new "clutch" is a plastic pocket purchased at VHSmith, and inside is a little bag from Bik Bok. 

To do the hair like this I used a doughnut, and you can get one at Primark or any of the Hair&Beauty stores around here. Just make a ponytail, put it through the doughnut, fold the hair over it to cover the doughnut and use pins to lock it down. 

Easy peasy! :)


Instant Nail Effects

Just wanted to show you this fierce nail polish. 
It's from Barry M, but you can get similar ones from other brands as well. You can choose whatever base color you prefer, and I happened to have the Rimmel #239 Your Majesty on already so that's my base color. It's pretty amazing to watch the nail polish as it transforms from just a matte black coat
 to the next step when you suddenly start to see the base color appear through the cracks as they evolve. 

(I would advise you to apply a top coat afterwards because it's quite fragile)

You can see a short tutorial here on the Barry M page. 

Cool isn't it? 


Thursday, 17 February 2011

"We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves."
Dalai Lama

The small things in life



I'm just like a child when I'm looking forward to a future event, 
if it is christmas or just a coffee date with a friend doesn't really matter. 

-The small things in life-

Right now I can't wait for it to be the 5th of March, 
because that's when I'm going to Manchester to see Robyn in concert! 

Have a nice day!



Lily Piri is an Australian artist that made a series of cat-versions of famous pop icons, 
this is the David Bowie one. Very cute and also very funny! 
Don't u think? :) 


Coco Before Chanel

Perhaps I'm the last fashion interested girl in the world that hadn't seen Coco Before Chanel, 
but last night I finally did... And it was so so so amazing! I've always been weak for Chanel, and it is in my opinion more true to its own style and brand than any other fashion house. 
The end scene of the movie when she just sat there in the stair I cried and cried, haha, perhaps some suppressed feeling going on here ;)

Love M 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pearl Drop

Got this beautiful nail polish, wine, chocolate and a rose from my boyfriend on valentines day. 
Which girl could ever get enough of the Chanel nail polishes? :)

Hope you guys are having a fab week so far!


Source: Weheartit 

Monday, 14 February 2011

I Love You

Happy Valentines day my love.
 Thank you for the soon to be 8 years we have shared together. 
I'm looking forward to all the years to come, and I'm sure that there will not be a boring day in my life as long as you are in it. No one puts a smile on my face like you do :) 

Espen, I Love you with all of my heart. 


Sunday, 13 February 2011


This striped bag from River Island is my favorite these days.
I absolutely love the Art Deco feel I get from it. 

Are you guys having a nice Sunday?
I'm just lazy, lying on the sofa watching old movies on the television.  


Saturday, 12 February 2011


Interesting detail

I'm quite thrilled about the idea of a plastic pocket as a see threw clutch. 
And I love the black lipstick to, wore it myself on the concert at The Nation of Shopkeepers. 


Sources: Victoria Törnegren, Nathalie Helgerud


Is it even possible to look as gorgeous as this girl does? 
Love that beautiful face, the lipstick, the light in the picture, the hair... stunning! 

Model : Remy Ryan
Photographer : Lauren Withrow
Styling : Ariella Villa 


Silly really

Just for fun! 
Found a pair of eye lashes on my night stand last night, 
so I decided to decorate my lamp with them. Contemporary art? Perhaps not, but still I thought it was kind of funny so I left them there. 


Black nails

I am so thrilled about this matte/shiny black nail polish! One thing is for sure, 
I need to get a matte nail polish and that fast. 


Let's put some new shoes on

Shoes ::: Bianco
Harem trousers ::: Cubus
Pink nail polish ::: Rimmel 60 seconds (270 Shocker) 


Photos: Lovise Aufles Valberg


Hey people!

Hope you guys are having a blast of a weekend so far. 
Last night I attended a concert with the norwegian band Harrys Gym at The Nation of Shopkeepers here in Leeds. We had an amazing night out! 
As always I didn't find the time to get you any outfit pics, but I found this picture on their Facebook page( so I borrowed it). I was wearing a dress I bought back home in Norway a few weeks ago, you'll probably see a better picture of it later some day because I'm absolutely in love with it :) 


Wednesday, 9 February 2011



Wednesday inspo

Random pics from:
 WeHeartIt, Lookbook and 


There is no excuse

Hi guys!

You probably think that I have gone underground, but as it turns out I haven't. 

I am now back in Leeds and I absolutely LOVE it! Didn't realize how much I actually missed the city and all the sweet people I'm studying with until I got back here. One of my modules this semester is Art Marketing, and it is just so inspiring!! :) 

The last week I've practically lived at Esporta Health Club Leeds, and it just feel great to be serious about my work out again. Hopefully I can say hello to the summer body 2011 and be proud of it, because at this point it is not much to show off I'm afraid. And I referred 4 new members to Esporta this week and that means a brand new iPod Nano for me, weeeeeeee :D LUCKY GIRL! 
As if that weren't enough, the company my group is writing the Bachelor assignment to has provided all of us with new training gear :) 

....... and finally I've got an internet connection at home now, it's been hell without!
So hopefully I'll post more regularly in the future.

Wish all of u a wonderful day!

Love M