Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tonights look

Anna Zahl (Miss Norway 2011) was so kind to let me borrow this amazing necklace from the Norwegian designer So B. 
Isn´t it gorgeous???


New years glitter

Made glitter tips yesterday, but unfortunately I messed them up. 
Soo I ended up with a glitter top coat instead :)

(Chanel Black Satin and Glitter anil polish from Viva la Vida)


2011 in pictures

To finish off the blog year 2011 I´ll give you a summary. Actually I initially thought that I didn´t have enough outfit pictures, but as I browsed through my blog I found that this year I have done much better than last year.. or what do u guys think? :)

 I was in love with my American Vintage shirt.

 I attended the Harrys Gym gig in Leeds, had a great time! And I got to use my red dress with black lips.
 I realized that that false eyelashes can also become art.
 I embraced black lips, in which I still love.
 See through plastic and loads of bracelets was a big favorite. 


I celebrated St Patrick´s day with curly hair and green glitter lipstick.

 I went to London and did marketing research with  my Bachelor group, and the weather was amazing!

 I wore my first mustard colored dress.

 The white shirt was definitely one of my favorites, so was the golden lightening necklace I bought in London. 


 After months of hard work we finally handed in our Bachelor assignment. I´ve never been so proud, scared and tired at the same time!
 I was the birthday girl :)
 The pink and orange combo was a favorite this month.
 I got two new tattoos. On the picture I had a bandage on my arm... As I think of it I realize I haven´t shown them to you guys yet. 

 June, July, August, September & October.
 I moved back to Norway, worked all summer and when I didn´t, I spent time in the north of Norway. 

I moved to Oslo and stayed with my best friend Rubi, and we went to the Make Up Store 15th anniversary show. 
 My blog got a make over, and I made my first header :)
Hope u guys liked the change!

 Used loads of rings almost every day.
 As autumn/wither arrived I used a lot of black, as I always do.
 I partied with my friends, and fell in love with this biiig arm cuff :) 

This has sure been a crazy year in many ways, with loads of studies and work, but also sooo many great memories have been created with all the fantastic people I´ve had the chance to meet in Leeds. It has been a new experience to live in Oslo, both in my suitcase and in the new apartment. 

I hope for both me and for u guys that 2012 will be a magic year filled with joy, laughter and happiness.

Thank´s to all of my sweet readers for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate ever single one of you :) 

See you next year!


Friday, 30 December 2011



This is what I was wearing at the annual 2. Christmas day party. 

Both the arm cuff(Topshop) and the dress(Miss Selfridge) are Christmas presents from my mother and my boyfriend. Unfortunately I don´t have any outfit pictures from that night out, but I figured I could show it to you anyhow.


Say hello to..

.. my new babies!

The glitter boots are from Schuh UK, and came back with me from London. I got money for Christmas from my mother, and when I saw these beauties it was love at first sight, so they became part of my Christmas present from her. I´m sure we´ll have great fun together in 2012! 

 The red ones are from Dune at Topshop, and they are a Christmas present from my boyfriend. I adooore the color!

Hope u guys have had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, I sure have :) 


Friday, 16 December 2011


Today I've been stressing around Oslo all day, hunting for the perfect Christmas presents for my loved ones. It also happened to be 30% off at Bik Bok, so I bought myself a pair of ear rings and a necklace :)

Now I'm writing Christmas cards like crazy, hoping to be done tonight... Almost there!



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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Monday, 12 December 2011

Crazy about the birdies

I´ve always had a thing for birds, and lately I have been reading numerous of interior blogs to get some inspiration, as we just got an apartment here in Oslo. I stumbled across, and found these great gift ideas for christmas. 

* Fridge magnets 99NOK
*Sparrow keyring 139NOK
* Love birds kitchen towel 99NOK 

The Love birds are dear to my heart from way back, because we used to have the wall sticker version of them when we lived in Trondheim, and when we moved sadly enough they didn´t... ;) 


Friday, 9 December 2011

Sweet dreams

Someone said that listening to Bon Iver was like getting a hug on a cold winter day.. So here u go! :)


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Just saying


This weekends outfit

 Hi guys.

Hope u all had a wonderfull weekend with the people that u love! 
 My weekend was spent with some of my sweet girls from my time at BI Trondheim, and it sure was great fun. I haven´t seen some of them in 6 months or so. In other words we had a lot of catching up to do :) 

(Again, I don´t have a camera atm so all my outfit posts is for the time being photographed with my mobile phone.)
 My navy blue dress is from Cubus, the neckless from H&M and my bracelet is from Glitter.  


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Friday night out(fit)

Last night my boyfriend and I ended up at the Kitchie Kitchie ki me o consert at Rockefeller. I just love those impulsive nights, when you have no initial plan and just end up having a great night out!

I didn´t exactly wear a rock consert outfit, but who cares.

What I was wearing:
White shirt // Gina Tricot
 Black jeans // Levis
 Necklace // Lindex
Clutch bag // Glitter
 Skull- and claw ring // Glitter
 Star ring // Loopie love


Friday, 2 December 2011

Counting days

In 15 days I´m headed for London.. I can hardly wait! 

Winter wonderland in Hyde Park 
Rihanna consert
Spending time with my boyfriend
 Refill of inspiration  

It will be truly amazing, I just know it.
London is by far my favourite city in the world, and I´ve missed the UK like crazy. 


V for Vendetta

My lovely boyfriend has been abroad for a couple of weeks,
and when he came back this was one of the gifts that he brought with him. I also got loads of UK magazines(YEY:D), chocolate from Belgium, beautiful gold platted christmastree decorations by Georg Jensen from Denmark and sooo on. 

I sure am a lucky girl! :)

Thursdays outfit

What I´m wearing:
Coat, choker and a clutch bag from H&M
Turtleneck(old one) and jeans shorts from Cubus
Boots from Roots ( I absolutely love these shoes)

Haha, and a tired looking face!