Saturday, 11 December 2010

Party Make Up


As always I never get the time to shoot any outfit pics, because I'm aaaaaalways late when I'm going to a party, and last night was no exception... But at least I've got some make up and hair for you guys.

In addition to my normal make up routine I also applied some Sexy Hair Aero Tan, which is make up in a can basically so it isn't s self tanning product. It gives that extra party glam looking skin.


My lip gloss is the Isadora Mega Wet Gloss # Mocca Cream. 

The eye shadow is from my NYX kit, and I really like it! I'm actually surprised how good it is. The colors are highly pigmented and looks great. 
But I would recommend you to use a eye shadow base first, I use this one from Mac and I'm absolutely addicted to it. 

And I finally got to use my gorgeous new lashes :)  



  1. Nydelig hår og makeup! :))

  2. du er så nydelig snuppa..kjempe fin:))
    å for en herlig pels kåpe du har kjøpt deg..nice:)