Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone! 
Sorry about by absence lately but I haven't spent that much time with my computer during the Christmas holidays. Time flies when I'm together with my family and my friends back home in Norway :)

Santa have been very kind to me this year, and I'll show you some of the gifts "he" left under the christmas tree. 
One of the gifts I got was the perfume B de Boucheron (from my brother), and I absolutely love it! 
I've used it for a while tho, but can't seem to get tired of it. According to my nose it is the perfect scent :)


I also got this black and cream stripe cross body bag from my friend Stine, and I think it is just perfect! This definitely will be used a lot threw out 2011. If you want one you can get it at   


I got (among other things) two new lipsticks from my friend Rubi. 

Apricot Rum (Creme)... and

Stained (Sheer). Both from Trucco! 

That was a sneak peak on some of my christmas presents. 
Perhaps I'll show some more in another post! :) 


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