Thursday, 30 December 2010

Beth Emily

Really wish I could draw like this girl, her illustrations are absolutely breath taking! 


Visit her blog at 


To me, From me

Had a few hour to kill in Oslo so I bought an early christmas present to myself at the tax free shop on the air port, as I was traveling from England to Norway. 

You just have to try these two sweethearts, they're amazing!


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone! 
Sorry about by absence lately but I haven't spent that much time with my computer during the Christmas holidays. Time flies when I'm together with my family and my friends back home in Norway :)

Santa have been very kind to me this year, and I'll show you some of the gifts "he" left under the christmas tree. 
One of the gifts I got was the perfume B de Boucheron (from my brother), and I absolutely love it! 
I've used it for a while tho, but can't seem to get tired of it. According to my nose it is the perfect scent :)


I also got this black and cream stripe cross body bag from my friend Stine, and I think it is just perfect! This definitely will be used a lot threw out 2011. If you want one you can get it at   


I got (among other things) two new lipsticks from my friend Rubi. 

Apricot Rum (Creme)... and

Stained (Sheer). Both from Trucco! 

That was a sneak peak on some of my christmas presents. 
Perhaps I'll show some more in another post! :) 


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Party Make Up


As always I never get the time to shoot any outfit pics, because I'm aaaaaalways late when I'm going to a party, and last night was no exception... But at least I've got some make up and hair for you guys.

In addition to my normal make up routine I also applied some Sexy Hair Aero Tan, which is make up in a can basically so it isn't s self tanning product. It gives that extra party glam looking skin.


My lip gloss is the Isadora Mega Wet Gloss # Mocca Cream. 

The eye shadow is from my NYX kit, and I really like it! I'm actually surprised how good it is. The colors are highly pigmented and looks great. 
But I would recommend you to use a eye shadow base first, I use this one from Mac and I'm absolutely addicted to it. 

And I finally got to use my gorgeous new lashes :)  


An early christmas gift

This bag contains the christmas gift I got from my dad. He always gives me money to buy something I've wanted to buy but couldn't afford, and think that's just perfect! 

So I bought this gorgeous faux fur jacket from Lipsy London. I absolutely love it! 
Thank's daddy, you're the best :) 



Blog alert

For all you make up obsessed girls out there.
This is just the perfect make up blogger. She's creative, beautiful and she updates her blog quite often. If you're out for inspiration this is the blog to visit: Lindas Sminkblog 

Hope that you guys are enjoying your weekend so far!


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Angel wings

You have to agree on me that this is just the cutest coffee mug ever! 
It's most definitely on my list of wishes for christmas ;) 
If you want it you can buy it at Pylones


Just 2 weeks left before christmas

I think Colbie Caillats version of Have yourself A Merry Little Christmas is just perfect. And with a cup of cinnamon latté it puts me in just the right mood :)

Do you have any favorite christmas carols that you listen to before christmas? 
(Yes, christmas is my favorite holidays.)  


No words needed


Givenchy f/w 2010/2011 
Haute Couture 

Okay. Just one word.


Inspiration overload!


Here's some inspiration found here, there and everywhere :)

You guys had a nice week??? 

Seriously, I have soooo much schooolwork to do. But just haven't got the inspiration to get started. All I can think of is that I'm going home to Norway in just a couple of days. -13 degrees celsius, family, friends, christmas decorations, baking gingerbread cookies with my nieces a nephews, wrapping christmas presents, the northern lights... I'm just so looking forward to all of it! 

Tomorrow I'm going to a christmas party with all the norwegian students in my class, I think it's going to be one h... of a party :) 

Hope all of you'll have a wonderful weekend!



Stina Ballerina, 
Sea of Shoes, 
Stockholm Streetstyle,,
 Fashion gone Rogue, 
Vanilla Scented. 

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Adore this braided hair, it looks absolutely stunning.  

Never get tired of beautiful tea cups, and love to have lots of different cups that each tells a story. Miss all my lovely cups that are stored in boxes at my dads house. 

Would love it if I found this amazing faux fur jacket wrapped in and put under the christmas tree this year, it's just perfect. 

I've got really baaaad tattoo cravings now a days. 


If I were to pick just ONE designer bag it would most definitely be the Chanel 2.55. 
Not a doubt in my mind about that! 

I still dream about applying to Central St Martins, perhaps even more than before. And that scares the sh... out of me. 

That's some of the things that what wonders around in my head on a sunday afternoon. 

You guys had a nice weekend? 


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mascara or foundation?

Hi guys.

I'm going to a christmas party with my boyfriend tonight, but until then I'm just gonna wear comfy clothes and snuggle up with a cup of tea doing trying to work with my studies :) 

Most of the girls I know always just puts on some mascara on a lacy day. 
I on the other hand apply foundation, concealer and a little bit of blush in stead. The first step for me to feel fresh is my skin! 

Are you a mascara girl or a foundation girl? :)


Thursday, 2 December 2010


On days when I feel down and need some cheering up this song puts a smile on my face, even more when I see the video :) 


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Annoushka. I sure am in love with you.

I am so impressed by the rings from Annoushka
The black ring have been in my mind for quite a while now and it wont be forgotten.  The day when I've become rich and famous with a huge bank account I'll definitely go back to the shop and buy it... And the one with the bird... and the purple one. Hard to choose, but then again I guess I don't have to choose. I can just buy all of them as money is not a question?

Haha, one can dream :) 


Welcome to the good life


Yesterday me and a few friends went to Harvey Nichols at a customer arrangement, with demonstrations of party make up for the season from Mac, Bare Minerals and so on. 

The highlights were definitely the guys wearing no t-shirts covered in glitter and... unlimited amounts of free champagne! :)

All guests got a voucher worth 10GBP, and I used mine on these sweethearts. 

(mini star glitz false eyelashes from Shu Uemura)

They will be perfect for those christmas parties coming up.


Christmas decorations

This year my christmas decorations depended on keeping a certain budget, and the fact that I'm living in this apartment just for a year also played a role. But I think it turned out quite kozy even with just a few things. Cinnamon sticks smells heavenly and is very decorative to, and you can buy it in any local grocery store and the best thing is that it's nice and affordable :) 

Have you decorated your home for christmas?