Thursday, 25 November 2010

NYX... Hot or not?

Hi sweethearts.

Came across this make up kit by a coincidence today, and I just had to buy it... 
I'm a weak soul.. I know ;) 

I've never tried any make up from NYX before, so I'm really excited to see if it is any good. 
Stay tuned and I'll give you my verdict. 

Hope you wonderful people are having a nice week so far. 
Leeds is freezing, when I woke up this morning it was actually snowing outside. I couldn't believe my eyes! But it wasn't that much tho, it is already gone now. 



  1. E har mange øyenskygger fra NYX, og e like dem godt! gled dæ! ;) Og dem koste jo ikkje nåkka på nettet :)

  2. Liker fargepaletten lengst ned til høyre. De fire der er flotte! :)