Thursday, 25 November 2010

The perfect clutch

No words can describe how much I would want this clutch to be mine. 
It is so awesome!!!
I love the size, the pattern, the mix between reptile and animal print, the way it fits in her hand (and would sure do in mine to). 


Source: Stockholm Street Style 

NYX... Hot or not?

Hi sweethearts.

Came across this make up kit by a coincidence today, and I just had to buy it... 
I'm a weak soul.. I know ;) 

I've never tried any make up from NYX before, so I'm really excited to see if it is any good. 
Stay tuned and I'll give you my verdict. 

Hope you wonderful people are having a nice week so far. 
Leeds is freezing, when I woke up this morning it was actually snowing outside. I couldn't believe my eyes! But it wasn't that much tho, it is already gone now. 



Source: Stockholm Street Style ++



Mary Kate looking awesome as always! 

Finally things are (almost) back to normal

I've finally sorted out my "skin-crisis" with some expert help from Iren at Studio Eirene in Trondheim. 

Day creme ::: Hydra Floral
Serum ::: Neroli 
Eye gel ::: Hydra Floral


Night Creme ::: Aroma Night : Regenerating 
             Aroma Night : Balm

After just three days of using Decléors products my skin is already feeling much better and is more balanced. Yeeey :D 

Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's getting colder outside

Yesterdays Outfit

Trying to get better at posting outfits for you guys as I know that's what I enjoy to see in the blogs that I read. Had a relaxing saturday night with friends yesterday, just eating at chinese restaurant and enjoying each others company :)

Watch / Bonet
Bracelets from Assecorize, Bianco and Bik Bok. 

See threw T-Shirt ::: Bik Bok
Lace bra ::: Bik Bok
Velvet shorts ::: Primark
Tights ::: TopShop
Boots ::: Primark 

Hope your saturday night was just as lovely as mine! :)


Not alone any more

I sure miss that guy on my desktop.
Can't wait to have him back home with me... Butterflies in my tummy! :)

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Friday, 19 November 2010

A thursday night in Leeds

This is me and my gorgeous friend Ine at the birthday party we attended yesterday.  

Ine always wears lovely bright colors and her style is playful and exiting, I absolutely love it! The top she's wearing on the picture is from River Island (If I remember correctly?) and she wore it with black tights and a jeans shorts. Her pink lips and cheeks tops it all up perfectly :) 


I wore a navy blue dress from Selected, unfortunately I haven't got a picture of it in whole figure but you can see how it looks here, and I combined it with black leggings an my blue ring from River Island. 

1. First I applied foundation from La Prairie (#600) on the whole face.
2. Next I applied Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing Eyes, also from La Prairie under my eyes and a little bit under the eyebrows.

3. Every girls needs a cute color on her cheeks and mine is from Chanel, and it's called Pink Explosion.

4. To prevent my skin from looking shiny I use a powder from Sensai to finish it up.

It's important that your skin looks great... but don't forget the rest of the body girls! My favorite to get that glamorous looking skin is the  Terracotta Huille De Voyager Nourishing Dry OIl Illuminating Tan Intensifier. It smells heavenly of Tiare Flowers and the gold particles in it leaves your skin looking fresh and shimmery without there being to much shimmer in it (which I don't think is that nice).  


1. First I applied #1(which has a green shine in it) on the whole eye lid and under the eyes as well. 
Then I applied #2 (which has a dark red shine in it) on my eye lid; in the globe line and evened it out so there wouldn't be ant sharp edges. The eye shadows are from the Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette from Costal Scents.

2. Under the eyebrows I used my concealer just to lighten it up a bit. On my eyebrows I use an eye shadow from Bobby Brown (#Blond).  

3. I'm trying out a new mascara as I never seem to find the perfect one, and this time it's the Extreme Party Mascara from Bobby Brown... And I actually think I quite like this one :) 

4. To finish it all up I used my 24 Hour eye liner from Colorsport, and applied this on my upper eye lid and a little bit in the outer corner under the eye. This one I blended out so that it wouldn't look to sharp.  

On my lips: Polish in the color Truffle mixed with Lip Gloss in the color Volt from the Heavy Duty Collection just in at Top Shop. 

Without an exception I always wear nail polish, I feel silly without it. If I haven't got the time to apply it before I go to a party I always bring one in my bag and applies it at the party.. haha ;) 

The one one the picture is from Rimmel London. It dries quite fast and to get it perfect apply two coats of it. 

In my hair I always use heat protection products before styling. 
At the moment I'm using Kérastase Ciment Thermique Heat Protector, and the good thing with this one is that you don't have to add more product to your hair if you style it the day after you've used it. It stays in your hair up to five stylings. As I don't wash my hair more than two-three times a week it's just perfect for my use.

To make some curls in my hair I use the Remington Curling Wand (which I am absolutely in love with) and to give my hair hold and shine I use Bed Head Masterpeace Hairspray. 

...... I'm ready! 

..... And with that I wish all of my wonderful readers a lovely weekend! 


Monday, 15 November 2010

My last night out as a blondie

I figured I needed one last party with the blond hair, and here is how I looked.

I just love my new necklace from Accessorize. A mix of silk, pearls, chains and crystals. The shirt that I'm wearing is an old one from Selected. Wore it with a black velvet shorts that I unfortunately don't have a picture of right now... Black tights and some black shoes.

The red lipstick is new as well and it's from top shop. I've bought some lipsticks and glosses there lately. (I'll show you in another post some day. )

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A sweet surprise

My sweet friend (and neighbor) Stine gave me a present today, out of the blue!

And what better is there to give me than a pile of cute tea cups???

That girl sure puts a big smile on my face :)

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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Here are some pictures from our Halloween party. 

It's scary how handsome I thought my boyfriend was wearing make up, haha ;) 

Baby blue

Say hello to my latest jewelry purchase! 

I realize that I in fact buy much more jewelry than I buy clothes... 
But I love it! It's nothing in the world that gives me that instant satisfaction a beautiful peace of jewelry does. 
I've got a lot more to show you guys, just haven't had the chance to take pictures of it all :)

(The ring is bought at River Island)


A night out in Leeds


Me going out one night in Leeds a month or two ago. 

Felt like doing something different so I made my hair into a bow.

And I put on some pink nail polish from Rimmel. 
Normally I use nudes or dark colors. But I kind of liked it tho ;)

You guys had a nice weekend?


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Ginger bread Latte & a Orange/Cranberry muffin is just the right thing to treat yourself with on a rainy day.
Shared with my sweet friend Magdalena it got even better :)


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Monday, 8 November 2010