Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Brand new dark red wallet


A few weeks ago I went to a trip to Manchester. 

I didn't have much time to go shopping, but I bought this little wallet from River Island. 

Isn't it just lovely??? 



  1. hey
    do you still have this one and don't want it any more?? my sister loves this and I wanted to give it to her as a present for christmas last year, but I didn't get one anymore. Now I thought she forgot about it but a few days ago she told me that she still hadn'T found it on ebay. So if you don't like it any more (for any reason) I would buy it!! if so could you please send me and e-mail?? my adress is:
    thank you ( oh and by the way I am from germany so I hope my english is all right and you understand me ) :D xx

  2. Hi :)
    To be honest with u I´m living in a suitcase at a friends place right now, and my things are at three separate addresses, so unfortunately I haven´t got a clue where it is... But if I find it I´ll get in touch with you, although I don´t think that will be until after Christmas :)
    Love M

  3. that would be so nice :D
    and it doesn't matter if it is after christmas. I just told my sister that it migth be possible that she could get it and she is sooooo excited right now :D
    xx I

  4. Hi
    It's me again, I just wanted to know, whether you still would sell that wallet to me?? I havn't found it anywhere else, and my sister is still looking for it...
    If you want to keep it, it's completely fine to me as well :D
    Thank you xx