Saturday, 19 June 2010


I think I'm sort of in love with this dress now a days! It's very simple but the layers of fabric makes it look so light and fresh. And it's easy to dress up or down, which is something I need to think about as I am about to pack all I need for the next year in ONE SUITCASE. Is that even possible???? I really don't think so... But that's all I can bring to the UK. Guess I've got to approach it as a new "wardrobe beginning" :) 

The funniest thing will be when we're in May/June 2011 and I still have just the one suitcase to pack in when I'm going back to Norway..... This sure is something to think about! 

(The dress is by the way bought at Bik Bok and the ear rings at Gina Tricot)


  1. Det er grunnen til at Norwegian finnes, der kan du jo ta med deg flere kofferter, og det var heller ikke noe problem med SAS så vidt jeg husker når jeg flyttet til og fra London :)

  2. Hehe, ja må nok blir Norwegian skal dette gå bra! ;o)