Sunday, 20 June 2010




This is the result of yesterdays pole dancing, I am sore and bruised as hell!! 

 The class started with all the girls choosing a stage name for themselves, which resulted in a good laugh! Our names was everything from Candy to Cat woman ;) After choosing a name we went on choosing an outfit. I was a police officer and it was the shortest dress I have EVER worn, so you'll never see any pictures of this because there aren't any. We're talking tacky here!!! 
After geting our names and outfits sorted we bought drinks and then the class started. Our instructor was a gorgeous tall, tanned and blond woman from the north of norway and she was 48 years old. We couldn't believe it! She moved like a goddess and was so funny and relaxed to be with. 
We started by learning how to move sexy and then we learned lots of different tricks hanging in the pole. It was hard work as you can see from the pictures, but it was just so fun!!!! You use your muscles and learn how to move you body gracefully, and it's a really good work out. I'm seriously considering to attend new classes to learn more, I really really enjoyed it :) 


  1. haha:) Jeg haddde virkelig tenkt å begynne å ta timer i det i Bergen, men så ble det til at jeg skal dra sammen med NHHS PikeGym.. Meeeen akkurat nå vet jeg ikke helt om jeg skal det heller:) :p

    Line Strøm :D

  2. Hehe, hvis du har sjansen så bør du så absolutt prøve det! Man blir litt forslått, men det er sykt morsomt og man blir virkelig bitt av basillen!!! :D

    Det skal være sagt at jeg får blåmerker veldig lett da, så kan hende at du kommer bedre ut av det enn det jeg gjorde ;)

  3. ja, jeg skal ha tilsammen 16 timer :p hihi, så det kommer til å bli en spennende høst som jeg har i vente:)

  4. Aiai, masse lykke til! tror du kommer til å like det! :) Jeg skal sjekke opp timer så snart jeg kommer til England, can`t wait ;)