Monday, 21 June 2010



Saturday night me, my boyfriend <3, my sweet friend Mette and her family went out dining at AiSuma. This restaurant is known for it's cool design, and as Mette and I tried to decide where to dine we both realized that none of us had been at AiSuma before. And as this was both our last weekend in Trondheim we figured out that this was the place to go to! 

The design of the restaurant is done by Simon James Design, which is a company located in Oslo. 

My verdict: 
The restaurant looks great, the bathroom was perhaps the coolest room I have ever seen with mirror tiles everywhere and ornament leather doors. And off course scented candles burning... Perfect!
They have the most amazing lamps and use it as an important part of the design, which works out great. But one of the details I liked the most was the white hands "coming out" from the white tile walls. That is just awesome! And off course the mix of old timber walls and the contemporary furniture and decoration. 
As we move on I can also tell you that the food was AMAZING. I had the Turbot Filet and it was as perfect as can be, and for dessert I had Creme Brulee (My favorite) which was no exception. 
The service was good to, the waitress knew her wine and had a big smile on her face threw our stay.

So.... If you are in Trondheim for some reason you should definitely consider having your dinner at AiSuma :) To reserve tables and see their menu visit their web page.


  1. wow! dit skal man definitivt dra ser jeg.

  2. Har du anledning så ta turen, fantastisk bra! :)