Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Needed something nice to listen to while packing the last stuff... and who's better than Robyn to get the work done?? :) 



I'm not having much of a "fashionable" day but to cheer myself up I wore these 
cute animal print socks in my ballerinas :) The socks were actually one of the birthday presents from my sweet friend Rubi. (The ballerinas are just standard black ones from H&M)

Are you guys having a nice summer so far? :)


Monday, 21 June 2010


I've had this black cloud over my head this last two years... One of my economy subjects never seemed to get into my head no matter how much I worked with it, and I've tried to take the exam 3 times before and never made it. And it has been SO frustrating... 

I had my fourth try this semester and I finally made it!!!! :D I can't even describe how happy I am right now, I feel like flying :) 




Wednesday I'm going to have a Restylane injection in my upper lip, and I'm really looking forward to it! Well not exactly to the the injection but the result ;) I've had it done before, but that was 3 years ago. Restylane looses its effect after 5-12 months, so you'll need to a refill after a while. 
I'll show you the before and after pictures!

Have any of you guys tried a Restylane Filler before? 


<3 This is my cat Miracle... Isn't he beautiful? <3 

Well at least it was my cat... My mom and her husband  had to give him away because one of their grand children got allergic. So now a family have adopted him... I know that he's okay, and that he even got a new cat-buddy there. The family that adopted him had a cat almost like him(Norwegian Forest cat), and I know that they supposedly get along great. They even said to my mom that I could come and visit him if I wanted to... But I'm not sure if I'm going to, I'll probably just start to cry and want to bring him with me back home... So mature... I know! But I cant help it... 

 I am just so sad about it, and it will feel so "empty" to come home this summer not having my lovely Miracle there..... 



Saturday night me, my boyfriend <3, my sweet friend Mette and her family went out dining at AiSuma. This restaurant is known for it's cool design, and as Mette and I tried to decide where to dine we both realized that none of us had been at AiSuma before. And as this was both our last weekend in Trondheim we figured out that this was the place to go to! 

The design of the restaurant is done by Simon James Design, which is a company located in Oslo. 

My verdict: 
The restaurant looks great, the bathroom was perhaps the coolest room I have ever seen with mirror tiles everywhere and ornament leather doors. And off course scented candles burning... Perfect!
They have the most amazing lamps and use it as an important part of the design, which works out great. But one of the details I liked the most was the white hands "coming out" from the white tile walls. That is just awesome! And off course the mix of old timber walls and the contemporary furniture and decoration. 
As we move on I can also tell you that the food was AMAZING. I had the Turbot Filet and it was as perfect as can be, and for dessert I had Creme Brulee (My favorite) which was no exception. 
The service was good to, the waitress knew her wine and had a big smile on her face threw our stay.

So.... If you are in Trondheim for some reason you should definitely consider having your dinner at AiSuma :) To reserve tables and see their menu visit their web page.

Sunday, 20 June 2010



I'm in love with the Minx Nails and can't wait to get them myself. Considering to but a kit myself because it's quite expensive to get them done... I would like the silver ones, but the possibilities are endless! You can get everything from animal prints to santa claus on your nails;) 


This dress is a Reem Acra, and I think it looks just gorgeous! 
The fabric, the cap sleeves and the waist line, the neck line.... it is perfection in deed. And the girl carries the dress with the most beautiful thing a girl could ever wear.. A BIG SMILE :)




This is the result of yesterdays pole dancing, I am sore and bruised as hell!! 

 The class started with all the girls choosing a stage name for themselves, which resulted in a good laugh! Our names was everything from Candy to Cat woman ;) After choosing a name we went on choosing an outfit. I was a police officer and it was the shortest dress I have EVER worn, so you'll never see any pictures of this because there aren't any. We're talking tacky here!!! 
After geting our names and outfits sorted we bought drinks and then the class started. Our instructor was a gorgeous tall, tanned and blond woman from the north of norway and she was 48 years old. We couldn't believe it! She moved like a goddess and was so funny and relaxed to be with. 
We started by learning how to move sexy and then we learned lots of different tricks hanging in the pole. It was hard work as you can see from the pictures, but it was just so fun!!!! You use your muscles and learn how to move you body gracefully, and it's a really good work out. I'm seriously considering to attend new classes to learn more, I really really enjoyed it :) 

Saturday, 19 June 2010



I can't believe I'm actually doing this but tonight I'm going with a group of sweet girls to a striptease club to learn pole dancing! It's only a two hour class so I guess we'll only learn the basics, and that is probably hard enough. It's a big possibility that I'll be all bruised and beaten up.. But I think it will be great fun!!! I'll let you know how it went ;)

Have you tried pole dancing? 


I think I'm sort of in love with this dress now a days! It's very simple but the layers of fabric makes it look so light and fresh. And it's easy to dress up or down, which is something I need to think about as I am about to pack all I need for the next year in ONE SUITCASE. Is that even possible???? I really don't think so... But that's all I can bring to the UK. Guess I've got to approach it as a new "wardrobe beginning" :) 

The funniest thing will be when we're in May/June 2011 and I still have just the one suitcase to pack in when I'm going back to Norway..... This sure is something to think about! 

(The dress is by the way bought at Bik Bok and the ear rings at Gina Tricot)


I bought the bracelet at Glitter here the other day... and I really like it! 
It's big and chunky but at the same time it isn't that dominating, and you can easily combine it with other jewelry :)
What do you think? 

Friday, 18 June 2010


 Oversized black dress by H&M
Thin leather belts both by Cubus
Necklace by Vila 

It's just amazing to wear this oversized dress, almost TO comfortable;)
 Didn't have any pictures of me in it so this is all you get for now, perhaps it will show up in a later post? 


This is me on a day when I just feel like being casual and don't put to much effort in my outfit. (I could also use my white converse with this, or/and red lips)

Sweater with vertical stripes by Only
Jeans by Only
Ballerinas by H&M
Necklace by H&M 

The make up in this pic is basically just plain skin, but lately I've been into eye brows. I think big and dark eye brows is just mad cool!!! :) What do you think? 


These two little owls are great friends of mine these days :) I bought them at Gina Tricot, and I absolutely love them!!! (I especially like their pearl bellies) 


Another outfit for you guys :) This is from one of the days this week when we actually saw the sun for a little while.. That is luxury these days!

Leggings by Bik Bok
Wedges by H&M
Dress by Bik Bok
Blazer by Zara 
Earrings by Gina Tricot
Sunglasses are old ones from the mens department at H&M 


This is an ooooold sketch from way back when I was in high school... 
I never seem to get the time to draw anymore, or perhaps I never let myself? It's strange how something you love so much suddenly seems so distant. I've even bought new pencils not so long ago, just so it would be funnier to start drawing again... But no... Still no inspiration or need to use it. 
The scariest part is that this is what I'm supposed to be good at, but now that I never use my "skills" it feel little bit like I'm loosing it.. That scares the crap out of me! Will I ever find back to the good feeling I used to have when I was working with creative projects? Or is it lost? 

Thursday, 17 June 2010



So this is how it looks like in my apartment at the moment... In other words chaos!!! There are piles of boxes all over the place, and people dropping by to buy our furniture... 
But I got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox today, a fresh issue of Costume:) So now I am going to enjoy it with a cup of tea and some yoghurt ice cream with caramel and almonds... Yummy!!  


This was my outfit the day I finished my last exams(03.06.2010). I was sooooooo tired that day and all into the migraines, and I could not in any way see myself joining the party... On my way threw the city on my way home I tumbled across a sale at Bik Bok and found a a dress and a hat, and then suddenly it wasn't that much work to go to the party after all ;) And I had a great time!!!! 

The outfit:
Hat by Bik Bok
Dress by Bik Bok
Blazer by Zara
Necklace by Malene Birger
Bracelet by ?
Thin leather belt by Cubus
Wore this with my shoes from H&M by Sonia Rykiel 


Summer is.. Sun kissed skin.. Salty water.. Warm bodies next to each other.. And who wouldn't want to spend their summer on a sailboat? 

Actually we do own a sailboat, but it is not as big as that one. And I would probably freeze to death wearing just a bikini ;) 

It isn't that big but at least it is ours to enjoy in many summers in the years to come! And to be on the sea in the late hours in the north of Norway isn't to bad, even if the temperatures sometimes isn't what we wish for;) 

And this beautiful red sky you can't find anywhere else... that's for sure!!! 

Source: fashiongonerogue