Monday, 31 May 2010


As promised here are the pictures of the vintage mint nail polish by Isa Dora. I had to put on two coats to get it perfect, but I usually do that with all of my nail polish so it dosn't make a difference. The price is 49,50 NOK, so it's affordable and the quality of the nail polish is OK. 
I have a suspicion that it will get dry and sticky after a while, but at that price it's sort of acceptable... 

(It looks perhaps a little bit colder in the pictures than it really is, it's a tone greener in real life.)  


  1. hm, tror jeg må svinge innom H&M en dag å plukke opp denne :)

  2. Do it! :) Mye fashion-statement for pengene i allefall og den holder seg ganske bra også :)