Thursday, 20 May 2010


The first product is a nail hardener, Micro Cell 2000,  that you can use as a treatment for 2-3 weeks (They also have other products like cuticle oil, nail polish remover +++). 
This is how it works: 
Day 1: Put on one coat. Day 2: Put on an new coat on top of the first. Day 3: Remove the nail hardener and then put on a new fresh layer. Do this for a period of 2-3 weeks and it will give you much stronger nails! 

One more thing that keeps your nails healthy is to use a cuticle oil. My favorite is the Solar Oil, and it actually smells of sweet almonds. I always apply this after removing nail polish and before I go to bed at night. 

The Alessandro lifting hand cream is a good choice if you haven't found the perfect hand cream yet.   
This is a good everyday cream to have in you handbag, and it doesn't get all sticky. This one dries very quick and a bonus is that it is an anti aging hand cream. People doesn't think about protecting their hands as much as the rest of the body, but the hands often are the first place where you can see traces of aging! 
To prepare your hands it is just as important to use a scrub as it is on the rest of your skin. The scrub from The Body Shop with Almond Oil is a good option. After using it the first time your hands will feel like baby skin, it's amazing :) This one to smells like Almond. 

L'Occitane have a whole range of gorgeous products but for my hands this is the favorite. 
 It contains Shea Butter, and that makes it a little bit greasy. I normally use this before I go to bed, and I put on a generous amount when I apply it. When I wake up the next morning I have nice and soft hands :) 


  1. Uh, eg likt den SolarOil-tingen, jo! Kor får man tak i den, egentlig? Eg leita etter den turen den gången, men fant ikje... :P

    (Sjekk Sissel spør deg om beauty products, då? Nu stårkje verden tel påske!)

  2. Æ e IMPONERT Sissel! ;) Litt usikker, men æ kjøpte nok mi på Bentes(andre plassen til sjefen). Men dem skal nu ha dem på litt sånne ulike hudpleiesalonga. Du kan jo bare kike innom litt forskjellige plassa, spesielt kanskje plassa der dem legg falske negla eller noe sånn :) Eeeeeeeller se på nett!