Monday, 31 May 2010


The beautiful (and HUGE) cup was a birthday present from my lovely neighbor Stine <3
 If you want one to you can get it at Indiska! 

So.... I am aware that my blog haven't really been that much about fashion and posting outfits lately, but there is a natural explanation to it. 
First of all I have been back and forth sick the last three weeks or so, and I've had 8 exams in that period of time on top of all. So I've felt like shit and looked like it as well, and that is something I haven't felt like sharing with the world ;) 
This last 6 months have been insanely stressful, and I've always had way much more to do that I have actually been able to do. It's  been really frustrating, and I haven't done much for myself lately. 
Now I am about to sell all my furniture and pack all my stuff, and leave the beautiful Trondheim. In one way it's a good feeling to start over again in a new city, but on the other hand it is somewhat scary to. But I guess everybody feels that way about breaking up and starting on scratch in a new place??? 
I guess I'm off to school now, only three days left of my days at BI Trondheim, and at thursday I have two exams. Wish me luck!!! :) 

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