Monday, 31 May 2010

..... WHAT TO SAY???

The girl is Isabel Lucas and the hair is so amazing that I actually don't know what to say to let you know how much I actually adore it!!!! I really don't have words for this.... STUNNING!  

Source: Ladybirds nest


This bra looks so amazing, and I just got to have it! There is something about underwear, you can't ever get enough of it :) 

Source: vanillascented 


In a previous post I told you that I was trying these products, and that I would tell you if it was wort the money. My experience is that this is a really good product! After using it just two-three days I could see that my skin god firmer and softer. Face it, a product like this can't get you slim in 1-2-3 but it can help on getting your skin firmer and more healthy. BUT you need to use it on an everyday basis, you can't just apply it one day and skip it three days and then use it again. It is a treatment that you have to use on a regular basis. If you do that I can assure you that your skin will be much firmer and summer ready! :) 


The beautiful (and HUGE) cup was a birthday present from my lovely neighbor Stine <3
 If you want one to you can get it at Indiska! 

So.... I am aware that my blog haven't really been that much about fashion and posting outfits lately, but there is a natural explanation to it. 
First of all I have been back and forth sick the last three weeks or so, and I've had 8 exams in that period of time on top of all. So I've felt like shit and looked like it as well, and that is something I haven't felt like sharing with the world ;) 
This last 6 months have been insanely stressful, and I've always had way much more to do that I have actually been able to do. It's  been really frustrating, and I haven't done much for myself lately. 
Now I am about to sell all my furniture and pack all my stuff, and leave the beautiful Trondheim. In one way it's a good feeling to start over again in a new city, but on the other hand it is somewhat scary to. But I guess everybody feels that way about breaking up and starting on scratch in a new place??? 
I guess I'm off to school now, only three days left of my days at BI Trondheim, and at thursday I have two exams. Wish me luck!!! :) 


As promised here are the pictures of the vintage mint nail polish by Isa Dora. I had to put on two coats to get it perfect, but I usually do that with all of my nail polish so it dosn't make a difference. The price is 49,50 NOK, so it's affordable and the quality of the nail polish is OK. 
I have a suspicion that it will get dry and sticky after a while, but at that price it's sort of acceptable... 

(It looks perhaps a little bit colder in the pictures than it really is, it's a tone greener in real life.)  


I love the color, but is it really worth signing up on a waiting list to get it? 
Chanel is definitely on nails all over the world this summer. I can't remember that it was such a hysteria last summer? Was it? I guess it will end up on my nails as well during the next few week, that is if I'll be able to find one before it's sold out.. again!

Lots of other brands have their version of the mint green one from Chanel,
 and I bought the one from IsaDora and payed 49,50 NOK at H&M, I will show you how it actually looks in a later post :) 



This is the newest gloss in my collection, the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash 982. 
On days when I don't have the time ore I don't feel like using hours in front of the mirror to put on my make up, this is my solution! I just put on my light everyday make up, but to make it more edgy I use a lip gloss in a rich color and I'M IN LOVE with this one. Bought it here the other day and payed 250 NOK, and it was definitely worth it! 
When you put on a nice color on your lips it really doesn't matter that you haven't used hours on a fancy eye shadow in the morning :) 



This sweet thing was a birthday gift from my beautiful friend Mette, and I absolutely love it! 
I like the big studs and the fact that it's not black, like all the other bags that I own, haha ;) AND I love the small crystals in between the studs, it makes it even sweeter.
 The big studs are identical to the ones on the black clutch in a previous post, but it gives a whole othe look when it's in silver and white. I think this will be used more than once threw the summer :) 


Clutch by Friis & company 700 NOK

The first two pictures:
* Black apple with a leaf of crystals by Bik Bok ? NOK (Old)
* Silver with a big crystal by Dyrberg & Kern 600-800? NOK (Old)
I've had this ring a few years now and it was a christmas gift from my lovely boyfriend :)

The last two pictures:
* (from the left) Big "silver" lump by Gina Tricot 100 NOK (New)
* Big cross covered with crystals by Gina Tricot 100 NOK (New)
* Sterling Silver ring by Efva Attling 1800 NOK (Old)
I bought this ring about two years ago as a gift to myself, and I love it just as much now as I did the first time I saw it. It was a special time in my life in that moment, so this ring is very important to me and I use it all the time. 

Do you have any jewelry that has a special story ore that means something special to you? :)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


L'Occitane is one of my favorite brands in natural skin care(for the body that is). And the products that I have fallen in love with are the ones that you can see above. I will now give you a further description :)

(1) The first one is a Shower Oil that transforms into a lavish softening foam. It's rich in almond oil and nourishing lipids. This was actually the first product I tested, and it made me try the rest of this series.

(2) In the shower you can also use the Almond Delicious Paste. Crushed almond nuts and sugar crystals , whipped with nourishing almond oil and almond butter, stimulate cellular activity and gently exfoliates the skin.  

(3) The second product that i bought was the Amande Milk Concentrate. It blends both tradition(the use of almond proteins to firm the epidermis) and science(soft silicium to help support collagen synthesis) into a silky, concentrated milk that nourishes and smoothes the skin. I'm really addicted to this lotion!  

(4) To complete the treatment of your body you can also use the Amande Blossom Dew. The fragrance reveals invigorating almond proteins, proven to enchase collagen synthesis, which in turn helps to restore skin's support tissue. This is the finishing touch of the almond range of firming and toning formulas. 
Top note: Bergamot, Almond bud. 
Middle note: Fresh almonds, Almond blossoms. 
Base note: Cedar, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

If you want to learn more about all of L'Occitanes products you can visit their web page

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Daria Werbovy by Ben Hasset, and styling by Julia Boehm. 

This editorial looks soooo amazing, and I simply adore the jewelry she is wearing as well as the make up. Daria is one of a kind, that is for sure! 

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, 24 May 2010



Okay... So this is what I'm up to this days... And I can't say that I enjoy it! 

I study International Business at and it is somewhat a love/hate-thing. Some of the subjects just make me crave for more knowledge but others (like this one) make me loose all my motivation. Perhaps I'm just tired? 
I've had 7 exams already this semester and I still have 4 left. One of the 4 is tomorrow by the way, so I should definitely not be sitting here blogging. But I guess I am anyway :)   

Surprisingly enough I got an A on my oral exam in english Business and negotiations, I'd never expected that, especially since I'm trying to take a whole year on just one semester. It was my first A and I am really proud of it! Perhaps that is not a very Norwegian thing to say... The Norwegians aren't supposed to say positive thing about them selves, but I really don't care! :D

*Is any of my lovely readers students?  
*Any exams in the near future?

Sunday, 23 May 2010


Amazing look! I don't think I could pull this off but I really like it! Could you wear this???? 

Source: Stockholm Street style 

Friday, 21 May 2010


Wherever I go I always bring my tea with me... Call it an addiction if you want to! ;) 
Today I dropped by work (Solsiden Spa) and bought myself some Pukka tea, and a new Tea cup at Kitchen. 


I thought that I was tired of sequins.... After I've seen this picture I AM NOT! 

Thursday, 20 May 2010




The first product is a nail hardener, Micro Cell 2000,  that you can use as a treatment for 2-3 weeks (They also have other products like cuticle oil, nail polish remover +++). 
This is how it works: 
Day 1: Put on one coat. Day 2: Put on an new coat on top of the first. Day 3: Remove the nail hardener and then put on a new fresh layer. Do this for a period of 2-3 weeks and it will give you much stronger nails! 

One more thing that keeps your nails healthy is to use a cuticle oil. My favorite is the Solar Oil, and it actually smells of sweet almonds. I always apply this after removing nail polish and before I go to bed at night. 

The Alessandro lifting hand cream is a good choice if you haven't found the perfect hand cream yet.   
This is a good everyday cream to have in you handbag, and it doesn't get all sticky. This one dries very quick and a bonus is that it is an anti aging hand cream. People doesn't think about protecting their hands as much as the rest of the body, but the hands often are the first place where you can see traces of aging! 
To prepare your hands it is just as important to use a scrub as it is on the rest of your skin. The scrub from The Body Shop with Almond Oil is a good option. After using it the first time your hands will feel like baby skin, it's amazing :) This one to smells like Almond. 

L'Occitane have a whole range of gorgeous products but for my hands this is the favorite. 
 It contains Shea Butter, and that makes it a little bit greasy. I normally use this before I go to bed, and I put on a generous amount when I apply it. When I wake up the next morning I have nice and soft hands :) 

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


For those who read my blog it is not big news that I am in love with beautiful flowers, and for some reason I think that it something I have after my grandmother. Both the roses and the daisies I bought for myself here the other day to make my balcony look even more inviting. I also have lots and lots of candles and pillows out there, and it´s the perfect spot to drink my tea and read a good book ore a magazine. 

The nail polishes are those that I bought the day before my birthday and the color codes are: 112 Sublime Lily and 619 Vintage Mint. You can get them at H&M (49,50 NOK) 

The necklace is a birthday gift from my lovely friend Rubi, and I absolutely love it!
 Thank you so much darling!  

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I found the picture here and I absolutely love it! It gives a relaxed feeling, but at the same time it makes me wonder how they do these photos? People that is THIS good at photography really impresses me because I like to take pictures to, but it´s really hard work to actually get good ones! 

For my birthday my boyfriend got me a new objective for my Canon EOS 1000D, and I am really looking forward to try it out :) 


White dress: H&M 
Shoes: Sonia Rykiel by H&M
Necklace: H&M 

But..... the  best accessories of all is my beautiful friends! <3 

My tan on the pictures is as fake as you can get it, but I think it worked out quite well after all! ;)
I have been a sceptic when it gets to self tanning products because I feel that the tan often looks as if it is fake tan, and that is not nice! I´ve used the Lancome Flash Bronzer on my face now and then, and I´ve been pleased with the result so I decided to try the same brand when I was buying a lotion for the whole body. It dries quite fast, and the best thing about it is that it´s actually brown when you apply the lotion, and that makes it a bit easier to get an even result. I felt that the color looked natural so I can absolutely recommend it! :)