Saturday, 10 April 2010


One more step to a firmer and slimmer summer body is your skin, so I´m trying out the Ice-Cold Slimming duo by Matis. This is used in two phases, first you apply the (1) Ice-Cold slimming gel with light upward strokes to the areas to be treated(legs, buttocs, stomach or arms), and then you spray on the (2) Ice-Cold Slimming Lotion on the same selected areas.

 I´ve heard a lot of positive feedbacks about this product, so I figured out that it couldn´t hurt to try it. 
When I apply the products I feel a tingling sensation on the skin, and it feels sort of refreshing!:) 
I´m applying it once every day, so I will let you know it´s wort the money! In stores the duo costs somewhere around 900-1000 NOK(I didn´t pay that much, bought it at the Spa where I`m working) but if you buy it online I have seen it down at 500-600 NOK, so there is definitely possibilities to get it a lot cheaper online.   

Is there any other products that you know about that I´m missing out on? Let me know!!  

And yes........ I have LOTS of product, but it seems like I never get enough of it :) 

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