Monday, 22 March 2010


I´ve had an overload of things to do lately (school) which have resulted in me not posting anything lately... Sorry about that. Anyways... Here is a pic for you! Have a nice day! :)

Met up with my sweet friend Ida( visit her blog here ) and we had a great time! :) 

The outfit:
Earrings is by Gina Tricot
100% Silk shirt is by Selected Femme
Black leggings (with som shine in it)
Black boots

The make up:
Foundation by La Prairie (nr 600)
Concealer by Sensai (nr 2) 
Blush by Bare Minerals I.D (Beauty)
Lipstick by Gosh 
Eye Shadow by Bodyshop (grey)
Eyeliner by Chanel (Black)
DiorShow Mascara by Dior(Black) 
Brown eye shadow on brows  


  1. var en kjempe gøy kveld snuppa..så koselig og treffes i gjen:)) klem

  2. var en kjempe gøy kveld og så koselig å treffes i gjen snuppa:)) klem