Thursday, 11 February 2010



I have got sort of an ambivalent relationship with art, which means that there are many great pictures/paintings that I like but not many of them that I could put up on my wall. Therefore I have a wall sticker above my sofa, and that is the one on the picture which is called "Lovebirds". The wall sticker is from a danish company called Ferm Living and I bought it in a shop in Bergen, and paid around 670 NOK. You can also get it on their web page:
I really love it and it is just to sad that I can´t bring it with me when I move from this apartment.. Perhaps I will buy another one when I get settled in a new place:)


  1. Trur du vil like denna:


  2. LOVE IT, denne siden var jo bare helt fantastisk!!! :)
    Tusen hjertelig takk hvem enn du er! :)